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6 Degrees of Associations Casey Callanan Podcast Interview

It was a pleasure to speak with Casey Callanan on his podcast, 6 Degrees of Associations, about my professional journey, as well as how cultural transformation needs surface in organizations, the importance of a particular kind of leadership presence - especially during change or conflict – and many more important concepts for associations. I’ll admit, I was more than a little exhausted from the wonderful time we had at ASAE Annual Conference and like many of us watching our own videos, I think about the 10,000 other things I wished I’d said! But Casey helped the conversation move forward and we had a great time. Stay tuned for my shout outs to ASAE’s legendary Reggie Henry for sharing his wisdom, RBMA for their DEI journey in the last several years, and Desiree Knight, CAE, CMP Fellow, DES who was the first Black female chair of PCMA.


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