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From Acting to Leading

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I had a wonderful conversation with the brilliant Tesse Akpeki and Paula Okonneh for Tesse’s international podcast, Tesse Leads based in the UK. We talked about leadership, consulting, and how dignity, love and curiosity show up in these domains. A few notes from our conversation:

“ It starts with dignity and holding the dignity of oneself, and then standing in that to be able to show up in relationship and hold dignity as the key component to any relationship, even adversarial. And being able to honour the dignity of the relationship to help determine how the relationship grows or evolves, including the ones that are adversarial. How we navigate each other while always centering that dignity. That impacts whatever that relationship is, and changes what shows up in the world. Ultimately that is an act of love.”

“Bringing more people with us, we can build those relationships and expand our networks to have conscious decisions around who and what is influencing our thinking, the way we show up in the world, how we conduct our leadership, how we explore systems, expanding the yes and the no as consciously as possible.”

“We’re not up here getting it right all day every day. We are leaders and we are also learners. I do my best with dignity and with love. I do my best with having curiosity. I do my best with bravery, as well as being able to have those conversations with my courage constantly. I do my best to show up in a centered in a way that makes people want to attune and cultivate the environment we all desire to create.”

Listen to the full episode HERE.


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